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Thermoplastic powder coating is a type of coating which particules coat metals by melting when it reaches desired temperature and it shows mechanical and chemical strength with cooling. Especially in industrial applications, all metal materials are coated with coating materials before usage because of esthetic, endurance and safety reasons. The most important purpose of this coating method is providing protection against corrosion. As well as corrosion preventing coatings like  liquid, powder and PVC or polyurethan generally show low performance and provide poor protection, they spread toxic smoke and solvent vapour environmentally in production process. Pulron was developed especially for protection of metals against corrosion, impulse and chemical materials and it provides an ideal solution for thermoplastic powder coating materials.

  • Perfect corrosion protection
  • High UV resistance
  • High performance against chemical factors
  • Repairable
  • High flexibility and protection even at low (- 60?C)  temperature
  • Impact resistance
  • Single layer application
  • Ideal solution for sharp edge and welded parts.
  • High peeling and cracking resistance
  • Excellent environmental credentials
  • Safe for marine life
  • Slow rate of growth of mildew and fungus compared with other coatings.
  • No VOCs, no TGIC, no plasticisers, no halogens, no isocyanates and no heavy metals
  • Very good lectrical insulation
  • Hot and softer feeling

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